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26 Februari 2013

Biography Vidi Aldiano In English

Biography Vidi Aldiano In English
Vidi Aldiano (born in Jakarta, March 29, 1990, age 22 years; born with the name Oxavia Aldiano) is an Indonesian singer. Vidi has released albums titled pelangi di malam hari, and The Second Lelaki pilihan . Vidi also follow the Java Jazz festival 2005. Vidi also brought some recycled songs titled Cinta jangan kau pergi once popularized by Sheila Majid and Nuansa Bening popularized by Keenan Nasution. Vidi Aldiano trusted by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to bring his songs titled Jiwaku Terang Di malam Itu.Vidi Aldiano own fan club called VIDIES.

The background of Vidi Aldiano

Vidi that bleeds Minangkabau was raised in a family that has a high appreciation of music. He was adept at playing the piano since age 3, through the guidance of her mother, who is a piano teacher.

At age 2.5 years, he has won both sing to the level of a child. Be Vidi since elementary school reliable as an ambassador for the arts school.

Teenagers, Vidi started her violin musical instrument. When in high school, joined the band began Vidi and achievements in this band showed by winning first prize in 1n credible Band Festival 2007.

Vidi artistry career began when his father, Harry Kiss, one owner and well-known event organizers realize his hidden talent and offer a demo album to his friends record company owner. Unfortunately, the demo album was rejected because the trend is not popular male solo artist at that time. After six rejections from record companies, finally in 2009 moved Hamid Lala music producer to producer after the mesmerized be single Vidi Vidi appearance in an opportunity.

Finally, the Trinity Optima Production received a Vidi to release his second album. He released an album with the hits' Second Coming and Return and Girls Coquette.
Biography Vidi Aldiano In English

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